Disaster Rebuild

Restoring normalcy
with speed, precision,
and care.

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When Disaster Strikes, We're By Your Side

Disasters can leave you feeling vulnerable, overwhelmed, and forced into managing a construction project you never anticipated. With Falkon, you're not alone. We understand the urgency to restore normalcy, the need for transparent evaluations, and the desire for a trustworthy partner.

The Falkon Advantage

Your Path to a 
Restored Home

In the aftermath of a disaster, uncertainty looms large. At Falkon Construction Group, we prioritize clarity, speed and understanding, to ensure your rebuilding process is as smooth as possible. Here's how we stand apart:

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Stay informed every step of the way with live updates our dedicated app. No more guesswork, just real-time updates.

Focused on

Every disaster is unique, and so is every home. We delve deep to understand the specific damages and tailor our rebuilding process accordingly.

Speed of

Time is of the essence. We are trained to act swiftly without compromising on quality, ensuring you're back in your home as soon as possible.


From assessment to demolition, to reconstruction, we handle it all. With Falkon, you have a partner who takes care of every aspect of your home's rebuild

Project Tracking:
Transparent, Efficient, and Collaborative

With our state-of-the-art Falkon App, stay updated every step of the way. From daily progress updates to change order management, experience complete transparency and control over your rebuild project.

Daily Project Updates

Receive daily status reports and notes, ensuring you're always connected to your project.

Direct Decision Making

Choose materials and finishes directly on our app, giving you control and convenience at your fingertips.

Documentation Access

Safeguard crucial documents with our portal to ensure they are available whenever you need them, forever.

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In Their Own Words

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Chief and Council
Bear River First Nations

Falkon is a very friendly company who provides efficient services while honoring their word to the Chief and Council of Bear River First Nation; this included particular points of the contract as well as hiring our Community Members for a fair wage.

Our Other Services

Indigenous Communities

We build cohesive communities with commercial, multi-unit and detached homes, tailored to specific cultural needs.

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Private Construction

We expertly manage multi-unit properties and small commercial projects to ensure they align with your vision and objectives.

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